News: Planning Approval

News: Planning Approval

Planning Approval Granted for Two Storey Extension

Proposed rear elevation
Proposed rear elevation

We have just received confirmation that planning approval has been granted for a two storey extension and alterations to an early twentieth century house in Beeston, Nottinghamshire. The proposed new extension is to the rear of the property; it has been designed to be complementary to the existing dwelling but to also have a more contemporary aesthetic which marks it as a distinct, later addition. The planning process was relatively straightforward, with the only change requested being a minor alteration to the side windows. This blog post briefly outlines the nature of the proposals.

Our clients for this project recently moved into the property, with the intention of extending it and undertaking some improvement works throughout the building. The existing property has a small and constrained kitchen/dining area, which it is intended to reorganise and open up through an extension to the rear. The extension would also allow the relocation of the utility room and the creation of a new play room/snug for a growing family.

Existing GF layout.png
Existing ground floor layout

The dimensions of the proposed new extension have been guided by the layout of the existing building, particularly the desire to maintain a natural light source to the staircase and retain the bay window to the living room.

Proposed GF layout
Proposed ground floor layout

At first floor level an additional bedroom and ensuite bathroom are to be created through the rearrangement of the existing internal spaces and the upper storey of the new extension. A loft conversion was considered at a very early stage of the project as a means to obtaining the fourth bedroom. However, following consideration of this option, it was decided that the current proposals would result in more practical, comfortable living spaces.

Existing FF layout.png
Existing first floor layout
Proposed FF layout
Proposed first floor layout

Additional alterations to the existing dwelling
In addition to the extension at the back of the property, some changes are proposed to the front of the property in order to create a more balanced, harmonious frontage to the street. On the main gable the changes have been to alter the sizes and positions of windows to improve the overall composition. Furthermore, a recent single storey addition at the front of the property, constructed to add a ground floor bathroom but with little concern over it’s fit with the rest of the property, is to have a new, more appropriately proportioned, window and will receive a new rendered finish.

Existing front ele.png
Existing front elevation
Proposed front ele
Proposed front elevation

Two storey extensions can sometimes be more difficult to obtain planning approval for due to their height and the potential to have an ‘overbearing’ impact on neighbouring properties. In this instance the property benefits from a good separation from the neighbouring building on one side and sloping ground on the other side, meaning that the impact on the neighbours is kept to a minimum. The planning department have imposed conditions on the approval, requiring obscure glazing and height restrictions on the opening windows on both of the side elevations, in order to protect the amenity of the neighbours. Other than this however, the approval was granted with no further amendments. We are delighted that our proposals have obtained planning permission and look forward to progressing this project on to the detailed design stage ready for construction.

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