Update: Projects Underway

A quick look at two extension projects under construction this month

Above: extension project under construction

This blog post provides a quick look at two extension projects which are under construction this month. Autumn and winter are often less popular times to start construction on a home extension than spring or summer, with their promise of better weather. However, builders are available for work all year round and starting a project at a less popular time could mean that you secure your preferred builder earlier than expected. Our intrepid clients who have opted for an autumn start are both on course for completion by Christmas so we are keeping our fingers crossed that the works will proceed as smoothly as possible.

Project 1: Single storey rear extension with contemporary aesthetic
The first project featured here is a single storey rear extension, designed to provide additional living and dining space for a growing family. The existing property is a recently constructed home on a new development in Beeston, Nottinghamshire. The existing house provided generous upstairs accommodation but was more limited on the ground floor with a constrained area for dining and socialising. The purpose of the extension is to provide a much larger social space suitable for family life. The project started on site in September and is on target to be largely completed in December.

Above: proposed floor layout of the new extension
Above: proposed garden elevation
Above: the extension project under construction

Project 2: Single storey rear extension for larger dining room
The second project featured is a modest, single storey rear extension to a terraced property in Essex. The extension is intended to provide additional ground floor accommodation and allow the subdivision of the space into separate living and dining areas. The tight budget for the project meant that close scrutiny was given to making the best use of every space and ensuring that the design was efficient and cost effective. The project is now well under way and is set to be completed by Christmas. The kitchen, which is being replaced as part of the project, will be installed in the New Year.

Above: proposed ground floor layout with new extension
Above: proposed rear elevation of new extension
Above: extension under construction

Further updates on the progress of both projects will appear on this blog in due course

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