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Making the most of your home through internal alterations

Internal view of new kitchen & dining spaces (Courtesy of Purple Bricks)

Many clients come to us to assist them with re-modelling the space inside their homes. One key trend over recent years has been the opening up of kitchens to create flexible kitchen/dining/living spaces. These open plan spaces can form the hub of the home, allowing cooking parents to watch over playing children or those entertaining to continue a conversation with their guests while preparing food. This blog post explores a recently completed project in which the opening of the kitchen and dining rooms at the back of the house has transformed the property, making the most of the available space.

From separate rooms to a flexible space
Our clients for this project purchased the typical 1930s, semi-detached property in Beeston in early summer 2018. The property needed thorough upgrading throughout. Having seem images of a similar project just down the road in the gallery on our website we were approached to assist with a the transformation. The floor plan below shoes the existing layout at the time of purchase. The small kitchen to the rear was shut off from the dining room which was in turn separated from the garden by the old conservatory. At an earlier point in time a shower room had been fitted under the stairs, much reducing the original size of the pantry to the kitchen.

Above: existing ground floor layout prior to the works
Above: photos of the kitchen and dining room at the time of purchase

In this case the property did not require any additional floor space, just a re-organisation of the existing space in order to meet the needs of a 21st century family. The key move in the proposals was to open up the kitchen to the dining room, removing the old conservatory and replacing it with a new wall, roof and floor to incorporate it into an L-shaped layout that provided adequate kitchen, dining and living space in one area. New glazed doors were added to the dining area to provide direct views and access to the garden and the existing side door to the kitchen was replaced with a new full height glazed door to maximise the daylight coming into the space. Changes to the shower room under the stairs (removal of the shower to be incorporated in the bathroom at first floor level) allowed the pantry to be restored to its original size.

Concept proposals for the new layout

Opening up the space, providing new flooring, lighting, decoration and a newly fitted kitchen has transformed the property, brining in more daylight to the rear and ensuring the available space is used effectively to provide the basis for flexible living. This transformation was part of a whole house renovation which also saw the first floor bathroom remodelled and redecoration throughout. Although originally intending to stay in their home for many years, job opportunities elsewhere meant that our clients needed to put their house on the market not long after the renovation works were complete. It is testament to the inherent value of good design that they received multiple offers for the property very quickly and it was sold straightaway.

View of the new kitchen (Courtesy of Purple Bricks)
View of the dining and living spaces (Courtesy of Purple Bricks)

The transformation illustrated above shows the difference an internal alteration project can make to a house. In the design of the spaces, thought has been given to practicality, flexibility and adaptability. New finishes and fixtures bring a fresh, new look which makes the space a delight to be in.

Photographs of the interior of the project are included here courtesy of Purple Bricks, the agents responsible for marketing and selling the property:

Full details and pictures of the property before and after the renovation are available on Zoopla at the following link:

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