News: Planning Approval

Planning Approval Granted for Wraparound Extension

Last month planning approval was granted for a new wraparound extension at a semi-detached house in Beeston, Nottinghamshire. The proposed new extension is to the rear and side of the property and will provide much needed additional living space at ground floor level as well as an enlarged bedroom to the first floor and secure cycle storage to the front. The extension has also been a catalyst for an update of the entire external appearance of the property through the replacement of the windows and doors and the addition of timber effect cladding to give the house a more contemporary look. This blog post briefly outlines the nature of the proposals.

The existing property has a compact plan. The kitchen is not quite large enough to accommodate a dining table and the space can feel cramped at busy meal times. The main intention of the extension is to alleviate this problem by creating an enlarged kitchen/dining area. In order to achieve this the house is to be extended to the side and rear, in addition providing enough space for a new ground floor WC. The existing internal layout is also to be altered to rationalise the utility room and living room and provide a more practical arrangement of service and living spaces.

Above: Existing ground and first floor layouts

At first floor level the property as existing has three bedrooms, the smallest of which will be extended as part of the proposals. This extension to the side will provide additional floor area that will dramatically improve the space in the room. The location of the new extension to the side has also enabled the addition of a practical cupboard at the top of the stairs.

Above: Ground and first floor layouts as proposed

The existing house is built of brick with a tiled roof. The intention of the design of the proposed extension is to complement the existing building but to add an element of the new; this is achieved through the form of the extension and the choice of materials. The heights and roof shapes of the extended elements all relate to the existing building, continuing lines and following pitches, whilst the materials match and reference those already used.

A brick plinth forms the base of the new walls with timber effect cladding above providing a highlight and complementing the existing brickwork. The final cladding colour and texture has not yet been selected but this will be carefully considered to ensure that the overall composition is pleasing and fits well within its context. The planning authority have placed a planning condition on the type and colour of cladding which they will need to approve prior to the commencement of the construction. In addition, as part of the project all the existing doors and windows will also be replaced with new to give the house a more modern look and tie in with the new extension.

Above: Proposed front elevation
Above: Proposed rear elevation
Above: Proposed side extension

A house with a compact plan and a restrictive site brings many challenges when creating a design solution to provide much needed additional space. In this case extending to the side in as well as to the rear has enabled the requirements of the brief to be met, also allowing for a small first floor extension. Obtaining planning approval for the proposals was relatively straightforward with no concerns raised over the impact of the proposals on neighbouring properties and we look forward to progressing the project through to construction.

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