News: Planning Approval

Planning Approval Granted for Single Storey Extension

With the Covid-19 lockdown firmly in place by the end of March, we were beginning to wonder whether planning applications in the pipeline would be delayed. Whilst some local authorities do appear to be falling behind with applications, others are not. Broxtowe Borough Council planning department seems to have managed the shift to home working relatively successfully and we were pleased to receive planning approval for a single storey extension on 6th May, only a day later than expected. The project is a large extension to the rear of an existing semi-detached Victorian property in Beeston. The proposal will open up the existing kitchen to a new living/dining room and additionally provide enough space to accommodate a ground floor WC and a utility room. This post briefly outlines the proposals.

Background to the project
The existing property is spacious and benefits from the high ceilings and attractive design features typical of many houses of the period. However, the existing kitchen is separate from the main living spaces. With a young family, our clients wished to create an open-plan space where family life could flow easily between kitchen, living room and dining room. The existing property is also missing two spaces which can make an enormous difference to the practicalities of family life: a ground floor WC and a utility room.

The design of the proposed extension addressed these issues, looking to open up the existing kitchen and create a new living and dining area to the rear of the property. This also enables a better connection with the garden through the introduction of large glazed doors opening onto the garden space. Increasing the width of the extension to the side of the existing house has also provided enough space to include a WC and utility room with a new side entrance door.

Above: Existing floor layout
Above: Proposed floor layout

An important aspect of the development of the design was the successful integration of the extension with the existing house as a whole. From early on in the project our clients were keen for the external walls of the extension to be brickwork, a material which they also wanted to include on selected exposed internal walls. Selecting a suitable brick to complement the existing house will be critical in the finished appearance of the extension, the option to use reclaimed bricks is currently being explored.

Additionally, it was important to consider the massing of the extension in relation to the existing house. The new roof is proposed to step down in height in order to relate successfully to the adjacent elements of the existing building. Using a three dimensional sketch model to develop the proposals has been a useful tool, showing clearly the relationship of the new extension to the existing house and the neighbouring dwelling.

Above: 3D sketch model of proposed extension
Above: Proposed rear elevation
Above: Proposed side elevation
Above: Proposed front elevation

This post has outlined our latest project to obtain planning approval. The proposed extension is designed to provide enhanced ground floor living accommodation and a better connection to the garden. The planning process for the project was relatively straightforward with no modifications to the design requested by the planning department. We look forward to seeing the project starting on site over the summer.

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