Considering age-friendly adaptations in your home improvement project

There are many reasons for undertaking home improvement projects, but making your home more age-friendly is often not at the top of the list. However, depending on your stage in life, choosing to make your home fit for your future could be a decision that will bring untold benefits in years to come.

Laura Gerada Architects has recently attended a specialised training programme run by Living Well at Home, a consultancy that offers advice to homeowners about adaptations they can make to their homes to ensure they can continue to live well in later life.

There are many simple adaptations that can be made to design proposals to make them age-friendly (or future-proof) and the good news is that the marketplace for stylish products and solutions is growing. From grab rails disguised as flower pots and clever kitchen gadgets to sleek, top-end bathrooms , there is no need for an age-friendly home to look like an ‘old person’s house.’ Considering age-friendly aspects of your home improvement project can be seamlessly integrated into the design process, providing future-proofing through careful planning.

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