Project Report

Our latest project to complete on site is a new single storey rear extension at a property in a suburb of Nottingham. The new extension replaces a former, smaller extension and has opened up the rear of the house to create a new living-dining-kitchen space as well as fitting in a small, but practical, utility room. This blog post presents some of the key aspects of the project. … More Project Report

Pre-Application Advice

Pre-application advice in various forms is available from all local authorities, sometimes it is a chargeable service, in other cases it is free. Whether or not a pre-application submission is the right choice for your project will depend on a number of factors including the scale and nature of the proposals, the surrounding context and the time scale of the project. This blog post introduces the pre-application advice process and offers guidance on when it can be most useful. … More Pre-Application Advice


A common question in refurbishment projects is: ‘what is the best method for upgrading the existing windows?’ Should they be replaced or would it be better to restore them? This blog post looks at one particular case of the restoration of timber sliding sash windows, addressing some of the key points to consider in coming to the optimum approach for your project. … More Restore/Replace

Living Green

In our increasingly urban and screen dominated lives, the presence of greenery is as vital as ever. This blog post explores ways in which planting and greenery can be incorporated into your home improvement project, whatever the scale. … More Living Green

A Comfortable View

Large expanses of floor to ceiling glazing can have a wonderful impact on the internal environment, bringing in natural light and providing an immersive view of the external space. However, this extent of glazing brings with it potential problems including too much heat loss, glare and overheating, issues which must be addressed in the design process to ensure that internal comfort is not adversely affected. This blog post explores this topic further and presents some design solutions which can be used to achieve a successful balance between the area of glazing and the comfort of the internal environment. … More A Comfortable View