Energy Retrofits

Whilst modern homes are constructed to high energy efficiency standards, many of us live in houses which were built long before insulation and energy efficiency measures became commonplace.  Upgrading your home with energy efficiency measures can bring many benefits including lower energy bills and greater comfort.  Often a good time to consider energy efficiency upgrades to your home is when you are carrying out other home improvements, such as constructing a new extension or undertaking a renovation project.

Government grants and financial incentives are available to those wanting to carry out energy efficiency improvements in their homes.  In order to make the most of these, it is important to have a thorough understanding of the most beneficial measures to take for your particular home.  Getting an energy retrofit project right requires careful assessment of the existing building and an overview of the many factors that influence energy efficiency in a building.  Laura Gerada Architects can work with you to develop an energy retrofit strategy for your home that balances energy savings and costs to ensure that you get a solution that will bring you lasting benefits.

The Energy Saving Trust provides a wealth of information about ways to save energy in the home, including up-to-date information about grants and other sources of available funding.