Initial Design Consultation

All our projects for homeowners start with a design consultation.  The design consultation is an extended discussion and design exercise which is the catalyst to get your project off to a flying start.

The first part of the consultation will be a visit to yout property, either physically or remotely via video link depending on your preference.  During this visit / video call you will have the opportunity to talk through your proposed project with us and we will be able to get an understanding of your existing property.  This will allow us to develop a draft brief for your project.  Following this we will then take some quick measurements, or you may wish to provide us with some existing drawings.  We will use these as the basis for developing initial sketch ideas for your proposal which we will then email to you ready for a discussion either by video link or over the phone.

At the end of the consultation process we will have worked with you to firm up a brief and produced at least one sketch design option as the starting point for pursuing your project further.  This should put you in a good position to either take advantage of some of our design consultation follow up services or take the project forward to the next stage. Whatever your particular situation we aim for the design consultation to be a high value exercise which gives you a greater insight into the design potential of your home.