Planning Applications

Obtaining planning approval (or determining that planning permission is not required) is an essential stage in every project.  Laura Gerada Architects have extensive experience preparing, developing and submitting planning applications.  Considering the planning implications of a project is an important part of the development of the concept proposals.  The location, size, height, distances to boundaries, positions of doors and windows and external appearance are all aspects that can impact on the likelihood of planning permission being granted; properties in conservation areas and listed buildings require an even more sensitive approach.  Laura Gerada Architects’ knowledge and experience of the planning system can assist your project to run as smoothly as possible through the planning application process.

In some cases your project may fall within the scope of the ‘permitted development rules’ meaning that planning approval is not required.  Laura Gerada Architects can offer you guidance with regards to permitted development and the best steps to take to ensure your project complies with the rules.  The Planning Portal website is an excellent source of detailed information about all aspects of planning.